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Dagenham Furniture Dismantling and Reassembly

One of the most time consuming and stressful parts of the moving process is furniture dismantling and reassembly. The need to dismantle your furniture to transport it to your new home or office and then to reassemble it there is one of the most sensitive parts of relocation to the new place.

You never seem to have quite the right tools for the job. It is always more complicated than it first looks. And when you do finally get to the new location, you’ll likely find that you have lost a piece or two. Well, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because at Dagenham Removals we can take this task off your hands.

Trust Dagenham Removals

At Dagenham Removals our staff have years of experience taking apart and rebuilding everything from beds and wardrobes to desks and filing cabinets. Whether you need us to disassemble a modular unit from Ikea or an antique family heirloom, we will do it with care and attention.

When we quote for the job we will come to your home and look at the furniture with you. Having done it before, we can tell you straight away which pieces can travel and those that need to be dismantled. In order to maximise space in the van (and therefore save you money), it may be that we recommend taking apart several items that you didn’t even realise could be disassembled. We draw upon our years of experience with all manner of furniture types.

Once your furniture is in its new location, we take equal care in putting everything back together. We will put everything back in its place and make sure it works, from the doors and the rails to the drawers and the handles. Our furniture team works quickly, cleanly and professionally, exactly as you would expect from Dagenham Removals.