Why Dagenham FC are so Important to the Local Community?

If you questioned locals why Dagenham FC are so important to the local community they will probably keep you chatting for a while.Officially called Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club but heard chanted from the terraces is the name The Daggers.They began life in 1949 as founding

fathers of the Metropolitan & District League finishing the season in the number 2 spot losing out on goal difference.They ended up winning the next season filling the trophy cabinet from the very early days of the club. In 1976 they reached the final of the FA trophy losing out to Scarborough. Three years later they had more luck beating Mossley 2-1. They have won the Delphian League three times, the Corinthian League once, the Isthmian League-Division Two once and of course the FA trophy on one occasion. Memorably they reached the third round of the FA Cup in 1984, locals were seen singing and dancing for many weeks following that cup run.

Dagenham Daggers

Image by Barking and Dagenham Post

If you ask local community why Dagenham FC are so important to the people they would mention a few of the programmes they run. Say to FC Dagenham fans that the pen is mightier than the sword and they will laugh at you, not because you are quoting a 19th century English author but because they know the daggers always come out on top. This club is at the core of Dagenham. Its a place where grandfathers bring grandsons and grandmothers bring granddaughters, sometimes the grandchildren bring the grandparents it really depends who can drive. In February three thousand three hundred and fifty seven people went to the Hartlepool game. Stacey fans probably claim she can draw more of a crowd but that wouldn’t be true. Dagenham’s twitter account has 16,000 followers.

Its a hub for the locals that’s why Dagenham FC are so important to the local community. The club house at Dagenham FC hosts a number of local organisations such as The Royal Navy Association, The Diabetes Support Group, Roding Karate Club among many others. The club is also a base for the Blood Donation service and they hold various events there. Dagenham FC is the blood of the suburb, supplying the people with a sense of community. The club allows a number of bucket collections for worthy causes and over two seasons £5000 was raised. A key milestone in Dagenham’s history was the establishment of the Dagenham & Redbridge Community Trust in 2010. This trust runs a number of programmes that are the lifeblood of the community.

Senior Daggers


This a health & social meet up for 50+ aged folk who can play games, get fit and share a meal together. It’s proven that as people get older it’s their social support network and fitness that will keep them healthy. So this is a great facility to have in the community.

Mini Daggers


This class is for the future Dagenham FC stars between ages 4-7 teaching them healthy eating, team participation and exercise. There has been reports of some chubby daggers walking around that couldn’t cut butter so the club is trying to nurture its future superstars.

Soccer Schools


Dagenham FC soccer schools are famous. It has been reported that scouts from the big clubs pencil this in for scouting new talent. Kids are training by qualified coaches and its aimed at 7-16 year olds.

 Kickz programme


This nationwide programme provides free football coaching 3 nights a week but also workshops on healthy eating, knife crime and sexual health.

 Education programmes


Over 25,000 kids have been through a lesson on Respect and free tickets were handed out for those who did their lessons. The trust ran the ‘Whats your Goal’ programme giving lessons on applying for jobs and also 5 work placements. This supplements the work experience programme that facilitated a huge number of work placements since it began.


Community Leader

Dagenham FC are proud of their position as community leaders but with this comes great responsibility. They have a key role to play in the community bringing people together, supporting young and old, and fostering a positive spirit for the suburb. People from all backgrounds should feel proud to live in Dagenham, the football team are and they hope that you can join them in that feeling.