Packaging Supplies

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to pack up your possessions yourself, or asked us to do the packing for you, you’ll need plenty of packaging supplies to ensure your items can be moved safely and securely. At Dagenham Removals we maintain a large inventory of inexpensive packaging supplies, from individual cardboard boxes and multipacks to protective covers and padded wraps.

Our cardboard boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. The double-walled construction means they are sturdy enough for multiple use and can be stacked in the van whilst in transit. We can advise you on the number and sizes you will need: ask one of our expert packers for guidance. We sell boxes individually or in multipacks for convenience and to keep prices low.

Don’t forget to ask us for packing tape at the same time ordering your boxes!

We keep in stock a wide range of protective wraps that you can use for your more fragile items. Acid-free tissue paper and all-purpose wrapping paper will certainly come in handy, as will corrugated paper. We have large and small rolls of bubble wrap to cushion breakables and fill in voids in boxes, and you can use the same materials to wrap around your furniture to protect it from getting scratched. Our packaging supplies are of the highest market quality and are used with proficiency attained over years of working with moving furniture and other personal belongings.

Handywrap is a form of cellophane or shrink wrap. It sticks to itself so you don’t need tape. Use it to keep the dust and dirt out of electronics and other vulnerable items, or to bundle several small packages together to prevent them from getting lost.

We know the range of options is bewildering, so give us a call and we will explain exactly what you will need.

packaging supplies