Dagenham Removals Team

Dagenham Removals employs a large team of highly skilled professionals who are focused on making sure that your home or office move goes as smoothly as possible. We have an intimate understanding of all parts of the removals process that is derived from years of first-hand experience and listening to feedback from our customers. From James our customer service manager to Arthur the driver and Jenny the packing specialist, each valued team member has individual skills and strengths, but we work together to offer efficient removals, a high level of customer service, security for your belongings and peace of mind for you, all at an affordable price.

At Dagenham Removals we consider ourselves to be a local company and we are proud of our local ties. Our staff live locally to Dagenham, keeping transport costs down, and we pass on these savings to you. Our team members are familiar with the local area, enabling them to share insider knowledge from everything from the best local schools and restaurants to the fastest way to Tesco’s and where you can park. We support local organisations and are proud our role in our local community. Call us for a quote and let the Dagenham Removals’ team move you, your family or colleagues quickly and effortlessly to your new location in Dagenham.

James is our customer service manager and we’ve listed him first because customer service is at the heart of what we do. He’s here to listen to you, understand exactly what it is you need, and to ensure the rest of the team deliver. Got a query? Call James.

Ian is our removals work coordinator: he is the man who manages the logistics has a detailed understanding of each stage in the moving process and knows exactly how to get you the vehicles, team members, packaging and anything else you need to make your move go smoothly.

Ann is Dagenham Removals’ finance officer. She always has her eye on the bottom line, making sure that we keep our costs down so that we can afford to offer you some of the most competitive removals rates in Dagenham, whatever the requirements for your move.

If you need a van or lorry for your move, you may well meet our driver Patrick. Well qualified and experienced, he can manoeuvre his vehicle into the tightest of driveways or parking spots, and he drives your belongings with care and attention, just as you would yourself.

Dagenham Removals’ other professional driver is Arthur. He ensures your treasured belongings travel efficiently and safely on the roads, and he brings you service with a smile. If you need everything delivered in a tight period of time, trust Arthur to drive your removal!

Silas is an integral member of the Dagenham Removals’ team and able to turn his hand to all manner of removals tasks, from packing up your belongings and boxing them, to loading them into your truck. He pays a great deal of attention to everything he does.

Tomek is another enthusiastic and highly efficient member of the Dagenham Removals’ team. He is highly skilled in the disassembly and reconstruction of furniture, which he does with meticulous care, saving you the time and hassle. If it’s a large move and you need Multiple people to help, you’ll also meet Tomek then.

Radek is our third team member, and we are delighted to have him onboard. He is hard working and professional with a broad skills base that includes many aspects of the removals business. Ask Radek for help with heavy lifting as well as loading and unloading your removals van.

Another Dagenham Removals’ team member of note is Marcus, who turns his hand to many removals tasks. Conscientious and considerate, you can rely on him to conduct your move efficiently, politely and with due care. He can work ably alone but also is a strong team player.

Jenny is one of Dagenham Removals’ packing specialists. She is passionate about her job, and works hard to make sure your glassware, china and other fragile items are carefully wrapped and packed. This is a laborious task, but Jenny works quickly and efficiently to get the job done in time.

Our second packing specialist is Asia, who works effectively alone, or alongside Jenny for larger removals jobs. She is meticulous in her attention to detail, ensuring that your most treasured possessions are carefully and individually wrapped and securely packed for their journey to their new location. Your breakables are in safe hands.

The final member of the Dagenham Removals’ team is our invaluable handyman Olaf. Well-equipped with professional tools, and knowing exactly what to do with them, he is an expert in the deconstruction and reassembly of furniture, including awkwardly shaped pieces, and can also build custom sized crates.

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